At Coco & Lucas we believe in optimal health for our families and for our planet. With this in mind, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey. With sustainability at our core, we’ve moved into plant-based foods that offer optimal nutrition with a fraction of the environmental impact. We offer an exciting new range of delicious plant-based meals that include family favourites as well as plenty of exciting, new products.

Our plant-based meals use less water, create less greenhouse gas emissions and require less land-use than conventional meat dishes all this, while never compromising on taste or nutrition.

Making a small step in the right direction has never been easier and we’ve done all the hard work for you! Better for you. Better for the planet!

As a butcher’s daughter, who would have thought that I’d ever embark on a plant-based journey? I believe that it’s never too late to change and to always strive for improvement. After learning about the impacts of systemised agriculture and factory farming on health, the environment and animals, I felt compelled to make some adjustments. It’s important to be conscious of what we do and what we eat and to be aware of the impact that our choices make. After all, what’s more important than doing our best to ensure future generations enjoy a world that is healthy and thriving?

I believe it’s within everyone’s power to look for better ways of doing things. A meat-free meal once or twice a week can have a tremendous impact and what better time than now to try amazing new products that are tasty, nutritious and planet-friendly. 

Diem Kieu Fuggersberger

Keeping Up with the Fam

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