If you couldn’t find it in your pantry you wouldn’t find it in our meals. All our ingredients are real foods.


Spaghetti Bolognese

This dish is one of Coco’s favourites! She especially loves to enjoy this with the whole family – it’s an easy-going, family-time meal. She loves my delicious pasta sauce made with fresh tomatoes, prime Aussie beef, freshly diced carrots, celery, brown onion and oven roasted garlic, cooked with mixed spices and tossed with gluten free spaghetti. I hope your little one will love it too!

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Beef Cottage Pie

I was given this gorgeous recipe from my good friend Anita and it’s now one of my family’s favourites! Anita has fond memories of her mother cooking this for her and her sisters when they were growing up in Kilarney, Ireland. With warm, fluffy potato mash, topped with lactose free cheese baked with lean mince, cooked in yummy gluten free beef gravy, hand cut mushrooms, corn, peas & carrots – this dish is bound to please!

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Mini Bangers & Mash with Gravy

These mini sausages are succulent and absolutely delicious! They were created using a special recipe given to me from my charming German master butcher. They are lovingly made with a mix of aromatic spices, roasted garlic and brown onions, then served with fluffy mash potato and traditional gluten free gravy on a bed of green peas.

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Honey Soy Chicken, Ginger, Veggies & Jasmine Rice

This is Coco & Luca’s favourite Vietnamese dish made with a traditional recipe which has been in my family for many years. A wonderful flavoursome meal, that’s made especially mild without losing the wonderful flavour for your little one to enjoy! Tender chicken thighs marinated and cooked in a soft aromatic honey ginger & soy sauce, served on a fluffy bed of jasmine rice, diced carrots and green peas. I hope your little one will enjoy this as much as Coco & Lucas!

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Chicken Penne Pasta

One of Lucas’ favourite meals is this wonderfully flavoursome, yummy, creamy chicken pasta and veggie. The tenderness of the lean grilled, lightly marinated chicken breast mixed and tossed with lactose free cream, green peas, carrots & corn – makes for a wonderful easy way for your little one to enjoy a delicious balanced wholesome meal!

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Spiral Pasta & 5 Veggies

I found this a wonderful vegetarian dish for my little ones…wholesome & delicious, and a great way for them to enjoy eating veggies. A harmonious medley of fresh, hand cut broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots & roasted kumera, marinated in roasted garlic, sea salt and tossed lightly in gluten free pasta with lactose free butter, cream & cheese. This favourite will soon become your little ones as well!

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Grilled Chicken Breast, Brown Rice & Veggies

Healthy and delicious! Coco just loves the flavour of this lightly grilled lean chicken breast marinated with roasted garlic and served on a bed of healthy brown rice with a delicious medley of roasted sweet potato and soft yummy peas. Getting her to enjoy a balanced, flavoursome and nourishing meal has never been this easy!

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Mild Butter Chicken & Basmati Rice

Especially made for younger palates to enjoy, even Lucas loves the yummy flavour of this traditional butter chicken! With tender chicken thighs and our special blend of herbs & spices, tossed with lactose free cream, yoghurt and butter and served on a bed of steamed, aromatic basmati rice, this butter chicken will keep them coming back for more!

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Macaroni & Cheese

Lucas absolutely loves this classic yet delicious macaroni creamy cheese bake! Using the very best of finely ground gluten free flour, blended with lactose free parmesan, tasty cheese, lactose free milk and butter – this creamy cheesy sauce is just pleasingly rich in flavour. Little elbow pastas are then tossed and slow baked – your little ones won’t be able to resist!

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Locally sourced.
Hand made.
No preservatives.


Spaghetti & Meatballs

This is one of my personal favourites – even Lucas’s brother Alex likes my cute handmade meatballs! With Aussie lean beef mince seasoned with subtle spices, slow cooked with diced carrots, celery, pureed brown onion and warm, roasted garlic, this dish will tempt the fussiest of eaters! Locally sourced gluten free pasta, tossed in my special pasta sauce recipe made with fresh tomatoes, black pepper, oregano, nutmeg and whole bay leaf, creates a delicious dish, that’s bursting with flavour!


Chicken Schnitzel

This is our family’s absolute all-time favourite dish. It is made with succulent breast fillet chicken, carefully seasoned with our secret spices, sea salt & roasted garlic granules. This Austrian National dish was given to us from Uncle Franz in Salzburg.

Coated with Gluten Free Flour and Gluten free bread crumb. This is best served with potato gems.

This scrumptious dish is very handy to have in your freezer at all times.


Crumbed Fish Fillets

I developed this crumbed fish dish as a good way to get the Sophia and Coco to eat fish more regularly basis. Made with 100% Alaska Pollock fillets lightly seasoned with mild spices, roasted garlic & wrapped in my naturally gluten free crumbs.

Your little ones will soon be delighted with to this dish. This will compliment nicely with crunchy potato wedges.